The I Can See album.

A home recording made with         two reel to reel recorders.

Finished on April 28, 1976.


Names - I Can See

1.  I Can See (Intro)

2.  Follow Us

3.  The Socialite

4.  It's Your life

5.  A Dose of the Book

6.  To Go On

7.  Change is Me

8.  How Very Strange it is

9.  Here I Am

10. A Time That We Can Live For

11. I Can See

12. How Very Strange it is #2

Extra Track

Here I Am - 1989


All Music written by C. Steve Green


All Lyrics written by C. Steve Green 


"Change is Me" & "Here I Am" which Chuck Brady wrote.  

Steve & Chuck co-wrote the lyrics to "The Socialite". 

Char Harless co-wrote with Steve the lyrics to "I Can See - Intro" & "Follow Us".

Bass guitar, electric and acoustic guitars and piano:  C. Steve Green.

Drums and percussion: Chuck Brady.

Lead guitar: Pete Vanbibber.

Piano on 'Here I Am' by Chuck Gellispie.

Piano on 'Here I Am 1989' by Tom Petenski.

All vocals by Steve and Chuck.

This album was intended to be a "Concept Album" about someone's entire life from birth to death.

I Can See intro Follow Us.mp3

3 The Socialite.mp3

4 It's Your Life.mp3

5 A Dose Of The Book.mp3

6 To Go On.mp3

7 Change Is Me.mp3

8 How Very Strange It Is.mp3

9 Here I Am.mp3

10 A Time That We Can Live For.mp3

11 I Can See.mp3

12 How Very Strange It Is 2.mp3

Here I Am - 1989.mp3

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