The Go Ahead Album

Early home recordings on two reel to reel recorders from 1968 through 1973.

All music and lyrics were written and performed by C. Steve Green except co-wrote lyrics with Bob Bauer on number 6 and with Dave Harless on number 8 which Dave sings.


Go Ahead Album

1.  I Won't Change You

2.  Go Ahead

3.  No One But Me

4.  On The Wall #2

5.  Marcella

6.  Here With You

7.  Look at Us

8.  I Needed Love

9.  Go Ahead #2

10. On The Wall


The Tabz

Can't You See The Way - Home Recording

Looking Back - Live Studio Recording from September 21, 1969 at Coronet Studio, Columbus, Ohio.

Lady Caroline - Home Recording


The added songs at the bottom are of the band "The Tabz" which were recorded in 1969 and 1970. The band's members consisted of C. Steve Green, Bob Bauer, Doug Bauer, Dave Harless and Tom Callahan.  

C. Steve Green wrote the music to the first two Tabz songs and co-wrote the lyrics with Bob Bauer on "Can't You See The Way" and Dave Harless on "Looking Back" which Dave sings.

Tom Callahan wrote the words and music to "Lady Caroline".


I Won't Change You.mp3

Go Ahead.mp3

No One But Me.mp3

On The Wall 2.mp3


Here With You - 1973.mp3

Look At Us.mp3

I Needed Love.mp3

Go Ahaed 2.mp3

On The Wall - Original Version.mp3

Can't You See The Way.mp3

Looking Back.mp3

Lady Caroline.mp3

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